Bold Bhutan Beckons
Bold Bhutan Beckons

Bold Bhutan Beckons$39.60 AUD

by Tim Fischer & Tshering Tashi

From Jesuits to Jetsetters, Bold Bhutan Beckons - inhaling Gross National Happiness, is a comprehensive overview of this remarkable country. Sandwiched between the two superpowers of India and China, and located in the spectacular Himalayas, the stories of the land and its people are well told by Bhutanese, Tshering Tashi, and Australian Tim Fischer, a frequent visitor to Bhutan. Numerous colour and black and white photos.

In many ways it is the very fabric of Bhutan that has inspired both Authors, who have jointly arrived at an overall declaration as follows:

If in your lifetime you were to venture overseas to just one country, above all others then you would travel to the kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas. Bhutan is a combination of kindly people, grand vistas, sustainable concepts and lack of pollution that makes it so attractive.

Above all else there is the simple national happiness - and Gross National Happiness - a contentedness that prevails and which is cleansing of body, mind and soul. It is more than a Shangri-la, more than a Himalayan kingdom complete with natural mountain spas. It is heaven on earth in almost every way. Part of the proceeds of Bold Bhutan Beckons will go towards key projects in parts of Bhutan beyond the National Capital of Thimphu. Well illustrated with numerous colour and black and white photographs, a book which should be read by any intending visitor, and which armchair travelers will also find fascinating.

Published March 2009. 368 pages, 153 mm x 235 mm, Hard cover, Section sewn. ISBN 978-1876344597