Tree Change - koalas in the kitchen - butterflies in the bush
Tree Change - koalas in the kitchen - butterflies in the bush

Tree Change - koalas in the kitchen - butterflies in the bush$33.00 AUD

Tree Change Koalas in the kitchen - Butterflies in the bush
by Margaret McMahon

Margaret McMahon was born in 1940 in Sydney. She followed her father into the legal profession, married a solicitor and established, with him, a successful legal practice in Paddington.
In 1973 Margaret, her husband and two children moved to the country to begin a new life as farmers.
In the following years two more children and Margaret's mother-in-law, suffering dementia, joined the household.
Margaret combined the demands of motherhood, carer, solicitor and farm manager, with community work and an ongoing passion for working with the land and environment. In 1998 she won the prestigious Hunter Farmer of the Year award.
In spite of the demands of her hectic life Margaret still found time to write a guide to adult living for young people, Moving Out, which was published by Millenium Press in 1988.
Margaret and her husband sold their beautiful property, Cottonwoods, in 2008 and are now living a sea change on the foreshore of Newcastle.

'Writing is my way to embed my memories and give them meaning and value.
Where to start is the challenge. I see my life as a spider's web. Its radiating strands and concentric circles protected me during my early years but the protection was fleeting.
Over time holes and rips appear in a spider's web as it does in the web of life. Nature takes its toll on the web and the human spirit is battered by pain, sorrow and disappointment.
But there is a strength and resilience residing within that allows both the web and the soul to survive. At times I have been caught in the web but, like the butterfly with detachable scales on its wings, I survive.'

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