About Us

Founded in 1987 by Engineer/Author, John McRobert, CopyRight Publishing established an early position in the newly emerging desktop publishing industry. This new technology lived up to its promise as Panerai Replica Watches providing the most efficient typesetting, artwork and publishing systems ever, quickly superseding traditional typesetter and manual graphic artist work.

Over the past two and a half decades, CopyRight Publishing has acquired tools, techniques and experience to publish books for primarily local, but also international authors, and sell high quality Replica Rolex GMT Master publications to a world-wide client base.

The company has established a clear niche in the field of limited edition books to prove a market for authors, and then into commissioned and joint venture publications of 1,000 to 30,000 copies.

Over 200 books have been published with more in the pipeline. Most are to be found on in our booklist on this internet site.

Major items of interest:

Plant identification series
Commencing with Cultivated Plants of the World toledobrand.com omega replica produced by CopyRight Publishing for the imprint Flora. CopyRight Publishing has produced a number of well-respected, full-colour, plant identification books including Native Plants of Queensland (Vol 4), Mangroves to Mountains, Camellias - a photo dictionary (produced in two languages), and Come and Meet Us - an Australian ABC . Our books are meticulously researched and proof-read, and great care is taken to achieve the best colour rendition for maximum recognition value of each plant or flower. Our latest in this series is Woodland to Weeds - plants of the Brigalow belt in Queensland stretching from Emerald in the north to Goondiwindi in the south.

Art and sculpture series
A number of full-colour, high-quality books on the work and lives of Drs Len and Kath Shillam have been published as a lasting tribute to these fine and prolific artists. Also the autobiography of British trained sculptor and artist, Marc Clark, was launched in 2005 at the Victorian College of Art gallery where he was honoured by many of his former students - again a book which commemorates many of the artist's outstanding pieces.

Tax reform and legal series
Tax is the major political issue of our times, and the founder of the Celine Phantom Bags Outlet company, John McRobert, has authored two books on fundamental tax reform designed to slash the cost of government and lay the foundations for a strong economy capable of meeting the challenges of the future. Two major senate submissions have also been published, the latest of which may be downloaded free from the government website:Reform Senate Submission (No 56) The computer model of the economy detailed in Your Future in Your Hands, is a landmark study detailing the Australian economy tax by tax, industry sector by industry sector, State by State, over two 3-year periods. A major book on international law, The convergence of legal systems in the 21st century was published to a tight time schedule for the Queensland University Law Department.

Self-help series
From financial advice to health, from sports to recipes, from handy tips to motivation, an extensive library of well-presented information has been published.

Scientific series
A comprehensive book showing how volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis, Volcanic Eruptions and Large Earthquakes is now being recognised as a major contribution to understanding planet Earth. Launched in November 1998 at the Australia Museum in Sydney, it initially flew in the face of conventional plate tectonic theory, but is now being accepted by earth scientists as evidence mounts supporting the pioneering work done in the Pacific Islands by French Volcanologist, Dr Claude Blot, and Australian earth scientist, John Grover OBE. Using the techniques described in the book, Canberra based seismologist Dr Dong Choi has deduced the Sumatran tsunami followed precursor shocks which occurred almost 2 years previously, and that this catastrophic event occurred in a predictable manner. Volcanic Eruptions and Large Earthquakes will become a classic textbook for www.trustytimewatches.co.uk universities the world over. Another publication of interest in this series is Planets, Satellites and Landforms.

History, Family History, Biography and Autobiography series
These (generally short print-run for family members) books are at the core of CopyRight Publishing, with books requiring extra care in checking for historical accuracy and correct names of people and places.

Fiction, Poetry and Children's books series
Yes, we do them, but not our favourite Replica Hublot Big Bang 44mm genre - fact is more fascinating than fiction. However a notable exception is a unique educational children's book, Come and meet us - an Australian ABC, a full-colour production designed to introduce children (and parents) to some of the unique flora of Australia, and how to pronounce their scientific names which are necessary for precise identification. This overlaps the plant identification series. The Versed Writing of Jock McPoet is also considered an outstanding contribution to the poetic genre, and the poet is unblushingly admitted to be the publisher.

We are a Queensland enterprise with world-wide customers.