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Fit to Fly - Cognitive Training for Pilots Doug Edwards
60% to 70 % of major aircraft accidents are pilot preventable. Controlling stress in extreme conditions. Practical training in pilot fitness for flight - a good read too. Author is a former Air Force pilot, safety officer and aircraft accident investigator. Applicable to any occupation involving high stress.
(ISBN 1 875401 61 X)

Flames on the Water - Tears in the Sea Dr Con Aroney
For many centuries, Smyrna was a prosperous trading city in the Mediterranean. In the aftermath of World War I, Smyrna was one of the greatest post-war casualties. Decisions made by the victors sitting in remote London when they divided the spoils of the war, had huge unintended consequences. This book is a powerful reconstruction of the resultant wave of violence that destroyed a hitherto peaceful and prosperous city and destroyed or dispersed its multicultural inhabitants. Many Australians are here today because their forebears survived this tragedy. This is a history which must be told.
HARD COVER ISBN 978 1 876344986

From City to the Sandhills of Birdsville Mona Henry
Nurse Mona Henry took up duties for the Australian Inland Mission at the Birdsville Hospital in 1950, flown in during the worst floods for 40 years by Dr Allan Vickers, the Flying Doctor. This is the story of 2 years duty, with no holidays, at that post. Humourous, tragic, beautifully written. Numerous photographs.
(ISBN 1 875401 40 7)

Lingering Doubts Deb Drummond and Jan Teunis
A true story of murder in Brisbane City in the 1940s. Clearly faulty evidence is exposed, leading to the wrongful conviction of an innocent man.

Mangroves to Mountains - revised edition Logan Branch SGAP (Qld Region) Inc.
The Logan and Albert Rivers catchment encompasses some of the most diverse and beautiful natural environments in Queensland, from the mangroves to the mountains.
This full colour guide invites readers to explore and discover for themselves hundreds of the region\'s outstanding plants amongst the beauty of their natural habitat.
(ISBN 978 0646488462)

N.S.M.D.A. Physiotherapy Assessment for Infants & Young Children Second edition Dr Yvonne Burns AO
Second revised and expanded edition. Physiotherapy manual for assessment of movement in children to enable early identification of major or minor neuro-sensory and motor development of 'high risk' infants.

ISBN 987 1921452154

The Versed Writing of Jock McPoet John McRobert
Poetry should have rhythm, rhyme and reason. Current affairs commentary in verse. The environment, politics, women\'s lib, economics, and that obscene three letter word ending in x ... tax, are given the Jockovian treatment. The best is yet to come.
(ISBN 978-1876344917)

Understanding Ourselves and Others Dr Phil Jauncey
The title says it all. Understanding Ourselves and Others, a companion to his best-selling Managing Yourself and Others - secrets of successful management. One principle to start with: Take ownership of your actions and responsibility for their consequences.

ISBN 978 1876344696