The Brothers Keid

The Brothers Keid

by Cedric Hampson

In Brief :
124 pages, 153 mm x 235 mm, Hard cover, Section sewn
World War I family memoirs.
(ISBN 1 876344 39 3)

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This is the story of six Australian brothers who, along with so many of their countrymen, crossed the world to fight in the so-called ?Great War?. Only two returned. The brothers and their comrades had no personal quarrel with Germany, Austria or Turkey. Men volunteered for different reasons. In 1914 the economy in Australia was poor - on the brink of a depression - but the brothers were all in employment and one was married with three children. Unlike many of the Australian military forces in that war who were born outside this country, mostly in Great Britain, the brothers Keid were second generation Australians. Harry, the eldest, was 31 when he enlisted and Guy, the youngest, 19. Four were at Gallipoli and five served on the Western Front. They were ordinary Australian young men. But then, the millions of soldiers who gave their lives in the ?War to end all wars? were mainly ordinary young men. The author?s interest in the six Keid brothers was kindled at a family reunion. Among Cedric Hampson?s forebears were Thomas and Mary Keid - Thomas being the brother of Charles Edward, a grandfather of the Brothers Keid. The author thought the story should be told, and so, as a member of the family, the job of writing it fell on him.

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