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The Art of Training - A handbook for the novice horse rider by Bert Hartog
Horse riding manual for the novice rider and those who wish to improve their dressage techniques. Second completely revised edition of this popular manual first printed in 1991.

An Australian Monarch by William Pitt
The story of a remarkable episode in the history of Australia. Leonard Casley and his family who owned and operated a wheat farm in Western Australia, were faced with financial ruin under the centrally controlled wheat marketing rules. He studied the rules, he met the administrators of the rules, and found the only survival option, within the rules, was to secede from Australia. He did this, and the resulting adventure is a mixture of high stress and hilarity; of success against all odds; of great personal courage and family support. The Australian spirit of bucking an oppressive book of rules could not be better described than in the story of the Hutt River Province. ISBN 978 1876344672 

Dare to be Free by W B (Sandy) Thomas
Limited edition of the autobiographical best-seller commissioned by the author. Dare to be Free was first published in 1951 and has been continuously in print since then, having sold over half a million copies. This is the story of one of the great escapes of World War II. 'Sandy' Thomas as a young lieutenant, was badly wounded and became a prisoner of war in Crete. He escaped from a German prison hospital and spent 15 months at large in Greece before finally crossing the Turkish border to freedom in Syria, and a happy and surprise reunion with his brother, Godfrey. A truly thrilling tale which will be forever fresh.

An Irish Engineer - Hard cover edition by Meg Vivers
Companion book to Castle to Colony by the same author. Adventures and achievements of an Irish Engineer who traveled the world in the second half of the 1800s, during which time he played a significant role in the Japanese Meiji Restoration. Bridges, buildings, tea processing and sugar mill machinery, mining engineering - all were part of the amazingly productive life of Thomas Waters. Hard cover version ISBN 9781921452109

The Pearls of Broome by Aji Ellies
A beautiful book about a beautiful jewel of the sea. Pearls and Broome are synonymous. TB Ellies commenced his pearling dynasty in Broome in 1888, and his great-great grandson carries on the family tradition in this exotic industry. The story of the TB Ellies family and the story of Broome are inextricably interwoven and told unforgetably in this visually stunning publication. Australiana at its best. Part of proceeds from sales dedicated to The National Trust of Queensland. ISBN 978 1876344733

Cape York - The Savage Frontier 3rd edition by Rodney Liddell
A history of Cape York and Torres Strait Islands. Researched from original documentation in libraries and archives. Packed with information about this fascinating area. Published by the Author. New stocks of this important book are again available. ISBN 0 646 28348 0

Bold Bhutan Beckons by Tim Fischer & Tshering Tashi
From Jesuits to Jetsetters, Bold Bhutan Beckons - inhaling Gross National Happiness, is a comprehensive overview of this remarkable country. Sandwiched between the two superpowers of India and China, and located in the spectacular Himalayas, the stories of the land and its people are well told by Bhutanese, Tshering Tashi, and Australian Tim Fischer, a frequent visitor to Bhutan. Numerous colour and black and white photos. Published March 2009. ISBN 978-1876344597

Mine - a memoir by Warwick Parer as told to Saleena Ham
The Hon. Warwick Parer AM has lived an extraordinary life of service. Born in New Guinea to pioneering parents, he has a long history of contributing to the community. Tragedy struck early ... read on ISBN 978 1876344993

Ships Surgeons on Convict Ships 1787-1868 by Jack Walton with Lesley Williams & Sam Mellick
Over 160,000 convicts were transported in sailing ships from England to Australia before this practice ceased in 1868. Each vessel had its own surgeon who acted more as a general practitioner than a surgeon - a doctor whose patients were always with him and whose resources were limited to those he brought on board at the beginning of voyages of half a year or more. The passages to Australia were frequently hazardous, sometimes involving mutiny, assaults, shipwrecks, and always the danger of being infected by the diseases often rife on the ship. Some surgeons died of scurvy and dysentery and others were afflicted with bronchitis which remained with them for the rest of their lives. The expression ‘Go to sea for your health’s sake’ would have seemed incongruous to many of these surgeons, but frequently it was observed that convicts often seemed healthier at the end of the passage to Australia than at the beginning. The responsibility for the health of all passengers was in the hands of the ships surgeon. ISBN 978 1 876344603

Life on a Column by Mike O'Connor
A collection of columns recording the life of Mike O'Connor, a journalist who pulls no punches when it comes to relating the mishaps and adventures he has encountered over many years of observing and writing while never losing a keen sense of humour. A tonic for anyone who needs a lift. ISBN 978 1 921452116

Starlight - An Australian army doctor in Vietnam by Dr Tony White AM
The duties and life of a frontline Australian doctor in the Vietnam War. STARLIGHT was the radio call sign for army doctors and medics. Vivid recollections of author's 12 month tour of duty as a frontline doctor in difficult territory. Born in Australia, reared in Kenya, and educated in England and Australia, he graduated in medicine from Sydney University. He was Mentioned in Dispatches for his service in Vietnam. Back in civilian life, he practised as a dermatologist in Sydney with a special interest in remote area work, including the Pacific Islands, and the Royal Flying Doctor Service. He was made a member of The Order of Australia in 2009. Foreword by Major General W.B. Digger James AC MBE MC MBBS (Syd) ISBN 987 1 876344 689

A Lethal Occupation - but some people thrive on it by Dr Monty Morris
A collection of modern parables about the experiences of Revd Canon Dr Monty Morris and his wife Barbara during their happy and fulfilling service in Thailand, watching God in action around this Christian Island in a Buddhist Sea. Many of these stories were written soon after the events for Anglican and other newspapers around the world. Also included are documents which seem pertinent or of historical importance. During an interview with a TV team from Britain, Dr Colin Britton, a long-time resident of the city and great friend of the author described the role of Vicar of Bangkok as a ‘lethal occupation - but some people thrive on it’. ISBN 978-1876344863

A Rain of Ruin by Lance Grimstone
Third of a series exploring and describing personal stories of the migration mix which resulted in the Australia we know. Again based closely on a well-researched history, this describes the horror of Hiroshima and the interaction of Australians and Japanese after WW II. ISBN 978-1-876344870

Brother Rats (Second edition) by Lance Grimstone
Second in a series of historic novels exploring Australia's past. Brings to life the various reasons for migration to Australia. The desert wars of North Africa during WW II graphically described. The title refers to the famous Rats of Tobruk. Personal stories of the battles with Rommel's Afrika Corps and prisoners of war from both sides are well researched and told ISBN 978-1-876344955

When the Tulips Bled (Second Edition) by Lance Grimstone
Historic novel set in Holland during WW II. First of a series of books researching Australia's migrant past. A powerful story of occupation and survival in wartime, and the aftermath as the survivors picked up the threads and started again in peacetime. ISBN 978-1-876344948

The Regent - Brisbanes Motion Picture Cathedral by Michael T Gillies
The title says it all. A beautiful documentary of one of the finest motion picture cinemas to be built in Australia. High quality coffee table publication for browsing, detailed reading or just remembering the glory days of a bygone era. Memories are made of this, from times when a theatre visit was more than just to a performance, it was a total experience. Hard cover, printed in colour on quality art paper. Prestigious book for gift or unique souvenir of Brisbane. To be launched in December - watch this space. Books now in stock for immediate delivery. ISBN 978 064691 467 1

Lingering Doubts by Deb Drummond and Jan Teunis
A true story of murder in Brisbane City in the 1940s. Clearly faulty evidence is exposed, leading to the wrongful conviction of an innocent man.

Flames on the Water - Tears in the Sea by Dr Con Aroney
For many centuries, Smyrna was a prosperous trading city in the Mediterranean. In the aftermath of World War I, Smyrna was one of the greatest post-war casualties. Decisions made by the victors sitting in remote London when they divided the spoils of the war, had huge unintended consequences. This book is a powerful reconstruction of the resultant wave of violence that destroyed a hitherto peaceful and prosperous city and destroyed or dispersed its multicultural inhabitants. Many Australians are here today because their forebears survived this tragedy. This is a history which must be told. HARD COVER ISBN 978 1 876344986

Understanding Ourselves and Others by Dr Phil Jauncey
The title says it all. Understanding Ourselves and Others, a companion to his best-selling Managing Yourself and Others - secrets of successful management. One principle to start with: Take ownership of your actions and responsibility for their consequences.
 ISBN 978 1876344696