Our Latest Publications

Castle to Colony by Meg Vivers
Well researched historical novel of a remarkable pioneering woman, Lucy Sarah Gray (1840-1879). Companion volume to An Irish Engineer by the same Author. ISBN 9781876344924

My Father - an Ordinary Hero Stalag XXA by Steve Woolcock
This is the true story of my father who enlisted in England and went to war in 1939. He was captured in France, early on and was marched to Poland where he experienced the truth of this clairvoyant’s reading and much more ... This story will make you cry and laugh as my father makes the most of life at Stalag XXA. ISBN 1 875401 89 X

Wings over Samoa - a Polynesian Story by Sir Reginald Barnewall
Wings over Samoa is a Polynesian story – and the genesis of a South Pacific Island airline which has contributed more than any other factor to building the thriving economy of modern Samoa. Wings over Samoa describes the advent of commercial aviation in Samoa – opening up the tourist industry to this distant island paradise.

Agate Creek by Denis Bramer
A photographic feast of the glorious colours and patterns of agates found, appropriately, at Agate Creek in Far North Queensland. Denis Bramer and his wife, Margaret, have made Agate Creek part of their lives, In their home, they are surrounded by the beauty of stones which have become alive through being found during their many expeditions, and then cut and polished with loving care over years of dedication. The reader is invited to share in the revealed results of this labour of love. ISBN 978-1876344610

Addio Italia - Hello Australia by Ian Bonaccorso
A comprehensive account of the Stanthorpe Italian Pioneers - life stories retracing the political and social events both in Italy and Australia during the depression and war years. Set in the first half of the twentieth century, migrants from that era and their families provide a vivid exposé of their lifestyles in Italy and their boat voyages to Australia. In the face of many trials and tribulations a steady influx of Italian migrants began to settle in the Stanthorpe Shire of southern Queensland. A compelling, must-read book for anyone with an appreciation of Italian migration to Australia. ISBN 978-1876344573

A Surgical Life by John Frawley AM
A powerfully written, autobiographical sequel to his successful first book about his formative years, Some Horses have Purple Legs, A Surgical Life tells of the professional career of a pioneering Australian kidney transplant surgeon, John Frawley AM ... and of miracles. His writing has the reader beside him in the operating theatre. ISBN 978-1876344788

The Pitts in Paradise by Laraine Dillon
Following in the style of her first novel, The Easement, Laraine Dillon again presents a tale that the reader is compelled to absorb. Another great little page turner, The Pitts in Paradise captures the interest from the first page and concludes with a belt. ISBN 978-1876344887

The Easement by Laraine Dillon
In a hilarious tale, author Laraine Dillon takes the reader through the dream of retiring to a tropical home by an idyllic beach, to the reality of close encounters of the worst kind, with unscrupulous property dealers, newly acquired neighbours from hell, unusual circumstances buried in the fine print of the contract, and living and paying the bills while keeping a family happy. In resolving the really difficult issues, a friendly bikie club proved invaluable. ISBN 978-1876344580

Even Further by Thea Biesheuvel
Eight short stories and a magical number of seventy three poems feature in this second volume, organized into ‘thematic’ sections, with illustrations. ISBN 978 1921452239

Special Duties Expanded Second Edition by Hector Nichols
A fascinating true story of 642 Squadron which flew top secret missions into Europe to drop supplies and operatives to help fight German occupation behind the lines. Special Duties is a special story about unsung heroes of the Second World War. ISBN 978 1921452 1 85

A Drive to Succeed - Bombay to Brisbane by Neville Newnes
The story of a successful and happy life. Born and reared in Bombay, Neville and his family migrated to Australia where he established a career and his own family. A cricket enthusiast, he chose an image of a cover drive during a game at twilight in India - so reminiscent of his formative years. A drive to succeed drove his life and is a fitting title for the cover of his book. Neville takes us through the fascinating early history of Bombay and the way of life and challenges for an Anglo Indian following Indian independence ISBN 978-1-921452208

Uncovering Forgotten Cities by Abdon Dantas
This is an important book about the huge refugee cities developing across the world. The flood of refugees cannot be stopped but must be accommodated during this tumultuous period. Essential reading for all governments, both politicians and policy advisers, and for the general public to become aware of the scale of the developing situation in the interest of wise decision making to handle this vital issue. Booklaunch at Global Change Institute, University of Queensland, 20 November 2015. Email info@copyright.net.au for invitation.

Madame Mallalieu - an inspiring musician and her legacy for Queensland by Prof. Peter Roennfeldt
The achievements of one remarkable person and many of those in her circle. Henrietta ‘Madame’ Mallalieu née Percival, later Mrs Willmore migrated to Brisbane in the mid 19th Century. She gave countless musical performances of a complex, brilliant and expressive repertoire over a public career lasting more than 60 years. Her home in Toowong, Brisbane became a CWA Hostel for young girls, and her story is a vital part of the cultural heritage of this city.

Woodland to weeds - Southern Queensland Brigalow Belt by Nita C Lester

The second edition of Woodland to Weeds has been expanded to include most of the flora of the southern Queensland Brigalow Belt bioregion, with over 1,000 colour images of fresh and pressed plant material, plus numerous line drawings. Here is a wealth of plant identification data for eager enthusiasts to discover easily what particular part of the diverse flora they have at hand. This book will satisfy the experts as well as the beginners and is a must for anyone wanting to know more about this bioregion type, the like of which exists nowhere else in the world. We know this expertly presented, unique plant identification manual will be a constant companion when visiting or studying this region. ISBN 987 1876344207

Needed but not wanted - Chinese in Rabaul 1884-1960 by Dr Peter Cahill
Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, located within the rim of an active volcano, has been the scene of many triumphs and tragedies. In the steaming tropics, with rich volcanic soils and high-yield crops such as coconuts (copra) and tobacco, labour had to be imported; disease and difficult living conditions went with the job. Chinese were brought into New Guinea in large numbers only to die from sickness, and violence during the Japanese invasion of the Second World War. A major volcanic eruption in the 1990s destroyed the town and many of the records about its inhabitants. This is about an industrious people coping in arduous circumstances. ISBN 978 1876344962

Pounding along to Singapore by Caroline Gaden
Gripping military history. A story of the 2/20 Battalion AIF with the letters and diary of Capt. EW (Bill) Gaden of ‘D’ Force, POW 1940-1945. Battles with the invading Japanese forces, Battle for Malaya, Battle for Singapore and the fall of Singapore - life in Japanese Prisoner of War camps including Changi and the Burma-Thailand Railway construction. ISBN 978 1876344849

Over the Fence and Overlooked by Kyleigh and Michael Simpson
Over the Fence and Overlooked - Traditional Plants in Queensland’s Gardening Heritage is a title that suggests that there are treasures to be found in older gardens when you look carefully. The title is an appeal to collectors of old-fashioned ornamental plant varieties and to enthusiastic amateur garden historians. This is not a book about garden design concepts but about plant material and perhaps design dictated by the plants themselves. The Authors attempt to recognise useful overlooked plants that they already grow, for the reader to learn about the qualities which make these plants the basis of a good garden. ISBN 978 1876344 66 5

The Art of Training - A handbook for the novice horse rider by Bert Hartog
Horse riding manual for the novice rider and those who wish to improve their dressage techniques. Second completely revised edition of this popular manual first printed in 1991.

An Australian Monarch by William Pitt
The story of a remarkable episode in the history of Australia. Leonard Casley and his family who owned and operated a wheat farm in Western Australia, were faced with financial ruin under the centrally controlled wheat marketing rules. He studied the rules, he met the administrators of the rules, and found the only survival option, within the rules, was to secede from Australia. He did this, and the resulting adventure is a mixture of high stress and hilarity; of success against all odds; of great personal courage and family support. The Australian spirit of bucking an oppressive book of rules could not be better described than in the story of the Hutt River Province. ISBN 978 1876344672 

Dare to be Free by W B (Sandy) Thomas
Limited edition of the autobiographical best-seller commissioned by the author. Dare to be Free was first published in 1951 and has been continuously in print since then, having sold over half a million copies. This is the story of one of the great escapes of World War II. 'Sandy' Thomas as a young lieutenant, was badly wounded and became a prisoner of war in Crete. He escaped from a German prison hospital and spent 15 months at large in Greece before finally crossing the Turkish border to freedom in Syria, and a happy and surprise reunion with his brother, Godfrey. A truly thrilling tale which will be forever fresh.