News & Book Launches


Not just a school - St Peters Lutheran College by Clarrie Burke, Jan Hurwood and Nicky Boynton-Bricknell was launched at St Peters School 5.30 pm - 7.30 pm Saturday 24 November 2012. This story 'from the beginning - the lived experience of Old Scholars' was launched by Dr Heather Patrick. 

Mine - a Memoir by Warwick Parer as told to Saleena Ham. Attended by 150 at a great event at Victoria Park Golf Club Thursday 29 October 2013, Warwick's book was launched by fellow ex-Senator Dr John Herron AO. Sadly Warwick passed away after a routine operation early this year and shortly before his 77th birthday. He was given a State Funeral attended by around 2,000, and the eulogy was delivered by ex-PM John Howard. Warwick's book is a well documented record of a life well lived.

Lingering Doubts by Deb Drummond and Janice Teunis. Another memorable event at The Regatta Hotel in Brisbane, and launched by one of Australia's most respected investigative reporters, Bob Bottom AO on 6 March 2014. Over 200 attended this event which was held in the Winterford Room named after the great great grandfather of the authors. He built the iconic Regatta Hotel. Lingering Doubts is of immense interest to anyone interested in the history of Brisbane, and to anyone interested in a just legal system in this country

Life on a Column by Mike O'Connor will be launched by Frances Whiting at an informal lunch to meet, mix and mingle with the Author at The Irish Club from 12 noon Thursday 26 June 2014. Phone 07 3229 6366 or email for invitation and registration. 


Books from other publishers, but available through CopyRight Publishing are:

Mask of Evil & The Black Trees by Maj. Gen. WB 'Sandy' Thomas. A powerful novel about the Mau Mau terror in Kenya where the author experienced at first hand atrocities committed by a murderous cult.

Pathways to Adventure by Maj. Gen. WB 'Sandy' Thomas. A remarkable life about a remarkable man. Published in New Zealand, but re-launched Wed 9 August 2006 in Brisbane. One of the Author's earlier books about one episode of his action-filled life, Dare to be Free, published in 1951, is still in print and has sold over 600,000 copies.

Cape York - the Savage Frontier by Rodney Liddell. The unvarnished history of this fascinating part of Australia which has been a battleground since the arrival of mankind. Provocative and honest.

Children of Destiny by Rodney Liddell. Another thought-provoking book by Rodney Liddell about a remarkable Australian, Leslie Owen Bailey, who created Hopewood Homes, a refuge for 85 orphans during World War II, and raised them on a diet of natural foods, the Hopewood Diet. The children were never immunised nor given fluoridated water, yet were to become the healthiest group of children ever recorded to have achieved such excellent dental and physical health in the western world.

Guest of the Emperor by Russell Savage. Taken a prisoner by the Japanese in WW II, the late Russell Savage wrote this account which as one reader stated 'Makes you proud to be an Australian'.

Terra non Firma Earth by Dr James Maxlow. A well-constructed and thought-provoking argument about the geological history of Planet Earth. The author is a practising geologist.


Books published but available only through the authors:

N.S.M.D.A. Physiotherapy Assessment for Infants & Young Children by Dr Yvonne Burns

Physiotherapy manual for assessment of movement in children to enable early identification of major or minor neuro-sensory and motor development of 'high risk' infants. 48 pages. 210 mm x 297 mm. Wire-O bound.

For all orders of this book please contact:

Dept of Physiotherapy
Dr Yvonne Burns
Room 326, 3rd Level, Therapist Building
University of Queensland St Lucia 4072
ph 61 (0)7 3365 2275 Fax 61 (0)7 3365 2775

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