Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts may be forwarded for consideration in any readable condition or as a text document on a memory stick, CD or DVD. Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts as attachments to emails as we use anti-virus protection as just one part of our line of defence against this scourge. MS Word is the preferred form of Breitling Replica Watches manuscript submission. Please don't use upper-case text, even in titles, and remove all spaces between lines or paragraphs. Handwritten manuscripts must be legible and take longer to appraise. At the initial stage, send only a copy of your work and photocopies of any photographs you wish included. If you require this to be returned, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope of sufficient size to take the documentation. After appraisal (which can take a month or three), CopyRight Publishing will either make a publication offer to the author, or advise of its unacceptability. We also publish commissioned works such as family histories with limited production runs, and books which involve a joint financial and marketing commitment by both the author and CopyRight Publishing.