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A Diet of 2% - can prevent harder tax
A Diet of 2% - can prevent harder tax

A Diet of 2% - can prevent harder tax$27.50 AUD

by John McRobert

Now accepted as a major contribution to the argument for total tax reform. Has received local and overseas acknowledgement as the answer to Australia's economic problems and by example the economic problems of the Western World. As Harry Schultz stated in his widely circulated international investment newsletter, 'it's a premise whose moment has come'. That moment has taken a long time, but it is coming as it was never more relevant. A Diet of 2% was the handbook of a non-profit organisation set up to promote the replacement of the current tax shambles with sensible and fair tax laws as fundamental step in building a prosperous and free society. Over 7,000 copies sold.

Sound principles don't have a use-by date, and the argument is as fresh today as when it was written.

Senator Bill Sharer of New Mexico USA is inspired by the concept of a simple 2% spending tax and is commissioning independent studies to verify the argument for breaking free from a repressive tax system which is destroying motivation.

128 pages. 140 mm x 213 mm. Soft cover. ISBN 0 86439 004 1.


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