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A Drive to Succeed - Bombay to Brisbane
A Drive to Succeed - Bombay to Brisbane

A Drive to Succeed - Bombay to Brisbane$33.00 AUD

by Neville Newnes

The story of a successful and happy life. Born and reared in Bombay, Neville and his family migrated to Australia where he established a career and his own family. A cricket enthusiast, he chose an image of a cover drive during a game at twilight in India - so reminiscent of his formative years. A drive to succeed drove his life and is a fitting title for the cover of his book. Neville takes us through the fascinating early history of Bombay and the way of life and challenges for an Anglo Indian following Indian independence.

My story so far - beginning in Bombay and the momentous decision my parents made to immigrate to the other side of the world. They gave up their brilliant careers, their friends, the wonderful life of being looked after by servants and a lovely settled lifestyle. They plunged themselves into the great unknown with the paramount thought that their children would not be easily employable in a country that was clearly biased against people who had any European heritage and could not speak any Indian languages. My parents made the supreme sacrifice of giving up their world in Bombay where they had secure jobs and lived like kings to ensure my brother and I had a much better chance of succeeding in the western world.

The value of what they left as our inheritance cannot be measured in monetary values, the inheritance they left us was priceless. I was blessed to have such wonderful and privileged experiences over the years � what a journey, what a life. I am proud of my achievements and the fact that I attained the ambitious goals that I set myself. Not bad for a boy from Bombay, with the drive to succeed! May this inspire others to do likewise.

192 pp 153 mm x 235 mm. Hard cover. Section sewn. Full colour. ISBN 978-1-921452208.