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A Tale of a Dog
A Tale of a Dog

A Tale of a Dog$33.00 AUD

A Tale of a Dog
by John Cooms
In Brief:
148 mm x 210 mm Soft cover 158 pp Perfect Bound
ISBN 1 876344 16 4

John Cooms Senior was born in Ilfracombe in the late 1890s, and died in 1971. Enlisting for Army Service before he turned 17, he served in Europe in World War I, but apart from this time, John lived and worked around the Winton area of Queensland for all of his life. He left handwritten memoirs for his family. They, in their turn, have decided to share their father’s stories of his life - a way of life that in some respects remains the same but in other respects is vastly different today from the days of horse-drawn vehicles, no electricity, poor public communication systems, no refrigeration, and the need to rely on a wide range of personal skills to face the challenges of life on rural propertiesReplace this text with a short description of this product which will appear on the product details page.
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