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Anglicans, Trams and Pawpaws
Anglicans, Trams and Pawpaws

Anglicans, Trams and Pawpaws$33.00 AUD

Anglicans Trams and Paw Paws
by Johathan Holland

In Brief:

304 pages, 153 mm x 235 mm, Soft cover, Section Sewn

Anglicans Trams and Paw Paws - the story of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in the period 1945-1980

ISBN 978-1921452000


This is the fascinating story of Anglicans in southern Queensland in the thirty-five years following World War II. For half this time the church grew numerically faster than the population and shared in an optimism for the future:- a new world of Hills Hoist clothes lines, Holden cars, Queen Elizabeth’s glorious 1954 visit and the arrival of the Beatles.But the vigorous church blossoming of these times could not be sustained. Jonathan Holland offers a persuasive set of reasons for the initial post-War expansion and subsequent period of decline. He writes of faithfulness and courage; of difficulties and challenges; of Anglicans wrestling with social, cultural, technological and theological changes; and how consequently the church which emerged in 1980 was hardly recognisable as the same one of 1945.


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