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Civil 60
Civil 60

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Civil 60
by In their own words

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350 pages, 153 mm x 235 mm, Soft Cover, Perfect bound 

Life stories of the Final Year Undergraduates, Civil Engineering, University of Queensland, 1960. A 50 year retrospective of the careers of the graduates of the Class of '60. Written in their own words and compiled by Rob Harrap and John McRobert (Jock as he was dubbed during those formative years), this should be of interest to their immediate families, their associates and to educators, career guidance advisers and anyone interested in becoming a civil engineer

ISBN 978 1 876344771


Here are the life stories of 27 of the 34 Queensland University civil engineering graduates from the final year Class of 1960.

The publication of Civil 60 is to celebrate 50 years since earning a hard-won Degree. Inspired by an earlier book, Civil 55, Civil 60 has been a remarkable catalyst to rejuvenate old friendships from those student days, and has caused us all to reflect on the challenges met then and during our careers.
 This book will be of interest not only to the contributors and their families, but also to those looking for career guidance in the field of civil engineering.

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