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Condemned!$33.00 AUD

Condemned! is a labyrinth of intrigue, espionage and mystery spread over two countries. Ireland struggling with the threat of famine, economic difficulties and British rule, and early Australia, as the fledgling colony of NSW takes shape, alive with characters.
In a new emerging Sydney town, the author unveils the seamier side of life, where wit and the wicked survive, where our heroine, the real-life central figure, a feisty yet beguiling personality who was only 18 when convicted and transported to New South Wales, is haunted by the ghosts of her past returning to influence the personalities who contributed to the pages of Australian history.
The author is a keen observer of human nature and has written three other books hilariously lampooning the foibles of characters she has met through an interesting career and attempts at retirement.
The Easement rollicks its way through encounters of the close kind with eccentric neighbours and hidden traps in purchasing a home on an island retreat.
The Pitts in Paradise continues the theme as she and her husband push further north in search of the perfect retirement settlement in which to live out their lives.
Radio Cuckoo takes us behind the scenes of a community radio station when the microphones are turned off and the action begins.
In Condemned!, Laraine uses her understanding of human behaviour to flesh out the dry bones of historical records, bringing life to the names and places that were part of settlement in Australia, of people who established the prosperous country we know today.