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Fit to Fly
Fit to Fly

Fit to Fly$39.60 AUD

Fit to Fly - Cognitive Training for Pilots
by Doug Edwards
In Brief :
160 pages. 153 mm x 235 mm. Hard cover. 
60% to 70 % of major aircraft accidents are pilot preventable. Controlling stress in extreme conditions. Practical training in pilot fitness for flight - a good read too. Author is a former Air Force pilot, safety officer and aircraft accident investigator. Applicable to any occupation involving high stress.
(ISBN 1 875401 61 X)

Doug Edwards is a former Air Force fighter pilot, flying instructor, safety officer and aircraft accident investigator. Aside from 3,500 hours in single engine jets, he has some time in Hawker Siddely 748 aircraft. Now a civilian, his aircraft of choice is a Cessna 310R.
As an instructor and later as a staff officer, he was involved for over a decade in studying and refining pilot training methods and processes. Much of Fit to Fly is based on that experience together with that gained developing a management training course for professionals and then as a senior public servant. Invaluable opportunities to observe particular personality types and behaviours have been put to good use in the concepts presented in this book.
The motivation to write Fit to Fly can be easily expressed.
There are too many avoidable accidents.
Doug and his mate 'Fran' practise the 'life was not meant to be comfortable' prescriptions presented in these pages. They have discovered its benefits in difficult situations.