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from City to the Sandhills of Birdsville
from City to the Sandhills of Birdsville

from City to the Sandhills of Birdsville$33.00 AUD

Nurse Mona Henry took up duties for the Australian Inland Mission at the Birdsville Hospital in 1950, flown in during the worst floods for 40 years by Dr Allan Vickers, the Flying Doctor. This is the story of 2 years duty, with no holidays, at that post. Humourous, tragic, beautifully written. Numerous photographs. 
(ISBN 1 875401 40 7)
Mona Violet Henry was born in Townsville and completed secondary school at Blackheath College, Charters Towers. She received basic training in nursing in that town, obtained her certificate in Obstetrics in Sydney and completed her Infant Welfare qualifications in Hobart.
Her army nursing service in Australia and Borneo during World War II helped prepare her to cope with the isolation and tragedy she was to encounter in the vastness surrounding Birdsville in the early 1950s. This is the story of those eventful and unforgettable years in the Outback.

After her Birdsville experience, Mona became Matron of the Tully Hospital and later transferred to the Cairns Base Hospital. There she married, then moved to Brisbane with her husband to run a small business for a few years before selling up and returning north to live in semi retirement.

From that time until she died in the late 1990s, caring for others took up much of Mona's time.
"There is a hidden heroism in Nursing Sister Mona Henry. I am grateful that she has written this book in her own instinctive and natural way. Indeed it is a thrilling experience to discover the inner greatness of this self-effacing Frontier Services Nurse as she unfolds the drama of her day-to-day life in the bush. It is an authentic and inspiring story."
Rev. Dr Fred McKay 
Successor to Flynn of the Inland


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