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George Randall - Emigration Agent Extraordinaire
George Randall - Emigration Agent Extraordinaire

George Randall - Emigration Agent Extraordinaire$33.00 AUD

George Randall - Emigration Officer Extraordinaire
by Jack Walton

In Brief :

190 pages, 153 mm x 235 mm, Hard cover, Section sewn

This is the story of a man who inspired thousands of men, women and children to travel halfway across the globe to restart their lives in a new world. Born in Hertford, England in 1843, he emigrated to Queensland in 1868, thenceforth spending much of his life encouraging others to do likewise.

ISBN 1 876344 23 7


Those who met George Randall would never forget him. He was regarded as a friend and inspiration by many of those people he had encouraged to emigrate by making them aware of the opportunity to become their own masters. Randall was probably responsible for the recruitment of more emigrants, particularly agricultural labourers from England, than any other person in Queensland, or even Australia, in the late 19th century. Exuding both confidence and determination he contributed significantly to the reshaping of Queensland immigration policy. His son, Richard Randall, was a talented painter, and his artwork is being displayed at an exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane in the City Hall, where the book was launched by the Lord Mayor of Brisbane at a cocktail function at the Museum of Brisbane exhibition of Richard Randall paintings, Wed 27 February 2008.


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