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Glass Houses, Paper Men
Glass Houses, Paper Men

Glass Houses, Paper Men$30.00 AUD$20.00 AUD

Glass Houses: Paper Men by Lawrens Adair is the story of the horror unleashed on the world by a small group of men, as seen through the eyes of one who endured more than most, and who not only survived, but who survived with an indomitable faith.
Lawrens Adair served as a navigator in the RAAF in action during World War II … shot down over enemy territory on Christmas Eve 1944, at large behind the lines for weeks, captured and interned, he was the only one of the Halifax crew who lived through the ordeal. ISBN 1 875401 12 1

'It hasn't been easy for the author to relate it. But I believe he is a better person for the experience, as is the reader who has the opportunity to 'co-live' one of the most traumatic periods in modern history in generous yet extremely sharp detail'. Rod Henshaw.

Soft cover. Perfect bound 382 pages

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