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Global Extinctions - Cause, Frequency & Influence on Evolution
Global Extinctions - Cause, Frequency & Influence on Evolution

Global Extinctions - Cause, Frequency & Influence on Evolution$39.60 AUD

Dr Peter M James vacated academe for a consulting role in the geology and geotechnical engineering disciplines.
Memorable assignments in more than twenty countries gave the broad overview that led to this book.
His interest in geotectonics came through the realisation that quantitative analysis of major geological processes was within the bounds of possibility, resulting in his raising major challenges to the present-day earth science paradigm.
Planet Earth is a slowly spinning electro-magnetic dynamo but evidence of periods of major instability are to be found in geology, archaeology, prehistoric architecture and prehistory. In response to such instability, the oceanic veneer sloshes around the global surface and creates havoc.
Throughout the history of planet Earth there have been five mass extinctions, scores of minor mass extinctions and a common turnover of species. There is no one cause of extinctions and great scientific arguments about extinctions prevail. The cacophony from the so-called extinction rebellion shows that they know nothing about earth history and the normal process of extinction.
Emeritus Professor Ian Plimer
Publishers Note
This will prove to be a seminal work. Trace gases in the atmosphere are a consequence of, and do not drive, the planetary forces dictating the climate in which we live.

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