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LIfe on a Column
LIfe on a Column

LIfe on a Column$27.50 AUD

by Mike O'Connor: Life on a Column

A collection of columns recording the life of Mike O'Connor, a journalist who pulls no punches when it comes to relating the mishaps and adventures he has encountered over many years of observing and writing while never losing a keen sense of humour. A tonic for anyone who needs a lift.


Mike O'Connor began his career in metropolitan daily newspapers as a nineteen year old cadet amidst the clatter of typewriters, shouts of 'Copy!' and the ever present smell of molten metal from typesetting machines.
 Along the way he became a columnist and has written about politics, travel, food, motoring, life at large and worked as a foreign correspondent in Los Angeles, covering the Hollywood entertainment scene for News Limited's Australian newspapers.

He continues to write about travel and cars as well as offering a view on life through his widely read 'Back Chat' column in The Courier Mail QWeekend Saturday magazine.
 Life on a Column is a collection of these 'Back Chat' articles, a wry, amusing and sometimes poignant record of the disaster prone existence that has been his life.

Soft Cover, Section sewn 155 mm x 210 mm

ISBN 978 1 921452116