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Looking for a good book
Looking for a good book

Looking for a good book$33.00 AUD

Looking for a good book
by Reginald Thomson
In Brief :
160 pages, 153 mm x 235 mm, Hard cover, Section sewn 

A literary tour de force. The Author loved reading, collecting good books, and learning from them. His lifetime 'Looking for a good book' has left this remarkable legacy, a unique potted history of Australia worthy of inclusion in any good library collection. Time spent in Papua New Guinea pre-Independence, is also well recorded by this diligent bibliophile. ISBN 978-1876344542

Essentially an autobiography, this literary gem introduces the books encountered by the Author during his life's journey, and through them provides a brief history of humanity since the Greeks began writing books, while describing his own adventurous life. Now in his twilight years, his son, Dr Mark Thomson, rescued the manuscript and the resultant book will stand proudly in the bookshelves beside the great books of the world.