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Mau Mau Whitewash - Britain Slandered
Mau Mau Whitewash - Britain Slandered

Mau Mau Whitewash - Britain Slandered$49.50 AUD

Mau Mau Whitewash - Britain Slandered
By Lee Boldeman

A critique of the revisionist account of Mau Mau
Every age has its evils and it is our duty to oppose them

The Mau Mau sought political power using murder as its method, and the sharpened edge of rusty pangas as its instrument. It was the Kikuyu themselves who paid the terrible price of Kenyatta’s political ambitions. Dr Lee Boldeman

I unreservedly recommend the book to all those who are interested in the unbiased discovery of important historical events and the history of the British Empire. I predict that this book will become a classic. Emeritus Professor Gabriël A. Moens AM

The promotion of black-armband narratives about colonialism and imperialism has become fashionable within our universities, schools and the media. The growth of this black-armband view of the world has been the work of revisionist historians and academics in a university system that has been increasingly shifting leftwards. If you are interested in how revisionism is practiced and how revisionist history has been used to attack the British Empire then read this case study of Kenya’s Mau Mau rebellion. In this book Boldeman both tells the story of 1950s Kenya and explores how revisionism works to re-script our understanding of events. Associate Professor P. Eric Louw Research Fellow University of South Africa


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