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Pearls of Broome
Pearls of Broome

Pearls of Broome$59.50 AUD

By Aji Ellies

The Pearls of Broome captures the essence of this exotic town in remote north-west Australia, and shines a brilliant spotlight on its lustrous export. To visit Broome is to experience something special, but this background of the place, its people and its famous pearls, completes the picture of an unforgettable part of Australia.

Aji Ellies, in looking back as a fifth generation pearler, vividly illustrates Broome’s turbulent boom-and-bust colourful history which is enmeshed in the TB Ellies pearling dynasty that stretches over 125 years. In the pioneering pearling days, the quest for pearls mattered more than human life. Each pearl has its own story, many involving blood, sweat or tears and often all of these - but from Biblical times, the pearl has been the symbol of purity, beauty and wealth, and was and is a prize worth the effort of winning.

ISBN 978 1876344733