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Pitts in Paradise
Pitts in Paradise

Pitts in Paradise$25.00 AUD

Behind the backdrop and splendour of the azure coral sea, white pristine beaches, resorts packed with fun-seeking tourists and the champagne set who cruise the waves on luxury yachts, lies another world - a world southerners and tourists rarely discover.

All along the Queensland coastline, undiscovered little hamlets, retro resorts and a hinterland infested with a sinister culture, spring out as Maggie Stewart and her husband Max attempt to travel to their dream destination Port Douglas.
It seems that in every principal stop they are delayed by some ‘Pitt’ fall or some force that eventually leads them to The Paradise Resort where they enter a world left behind in the last century, a world that brings fear, adventure, humour, friendship and the unknown.

... I was permitted the privilege of reading both The Easement and The Pitts in Paradise before they went to the publisher and as absorbing as The Easement was, I found myself totally consumed by the constant pace of this sequel. If you expect The Pitts to be a novel you can put down between chapters and resume when you feel like a quiet read, forget it. This is a racy story that kept me enthralled from the raunchy opening pages, through the frequent, unexpected turns and twists and Laraine’s uncanny ability to create and intertwine a galaxy of intriguing characters right to the final passages.

This is a compelling story of drama, wit, adventure and romance cooked up by a master chef - a healthy serve that will keep the unsuspecting reader eagerly awaiting each new course.
 Ron Norton 
Retired journalist, Editor, Commentator and Author