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Radio Cuckoo
Radio Cuckoo

Radio Cuckoo$27.50 AUD

Radio Cuckoo
by Laraine Dillon

A novel about a community radio station and the mayhem behind the scenes. As with a stage show, much activity behind the scenes, but when the curtain goes up, all appears calm and the play must go on. With radio, the curtain goes up when the studio light announces ON AIR.

What the readers say:

Having been involved in various aspects of the media during my working life, film and television in particular, I did come into contact on many occasions with radio personnel ...
I found Radio Cuckoo an excellent read, and wondered how on earth the radio station in the story managed to stay on air at all ...
What a riotous laugh ... sweet and sad at times, then just when you're on a high, the rug is pulled out from under you, the sort of read you truly want and is rare to find in many novels these days.
Jim Gilbert ACS

Fast, funny, sometimes provocative but irresistible reading set Laraine Dillon’s Radio Cuckoo apart from other novels of this genre. To say it is a great little page turner is a gross understatement.
From the opening chapter I was hooked; couldn’t put it down. The thread of the story holds a deep secret, a mystery that will not unfold until the very last chapters.
This novel had me rocking with laughter one minute and shedding tears the next as I was presented with a rare insight into a crazy, zany world of radio that outstretched my wildest imagination ...
Radio Cuckoo is the complete package, true to its title.
Ron Norton
Retired journalist, editor, commentator and author

This hilarious book by Laraine Dillon must not be read in public libraries, chuckling & loud laughter will have you thrown out before you get to Chapter 3. She has done it again, another rollicking tale of human frailty, intrigue, soured relationships and business skullduggery. The plot has more twists & turns than Chubby Checker and keeps you laughing page after page.
Gerald Brock
Grand View Hotel