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Savage Paradise - Pacifying a Payback Culture
Savage Paradise - Pacifying a Payback Culture

Savage Paradise - Pacifying a Payback Culture$49.50 AUD

Savage Paradise - Pacifying a Payback Culture
by Lloyd Nolan
ISBN 978-1-921452-574

As confronting as it is edifying.
This is a story encapsulating human progress, from savage revenge and one-way survival, to civilised co-operation and win-win well-being.
We have so much to learn from past experience, and this is best described first hand, rather than interpretations by historians who too often whitewash the record, covering up important facts to present a picture to suit the ideology of the historian.
Prior to Europeans venturing into antipodean territory, these lands were sparsely populated by warring tribes.
THE GOILALA is a rugged mountainous region in Papua New Guinea, beginning a mere 100 kilometres north of Port Moresby. Despite its proximity to the seat of Government, established in the latter part of the nineteenth century, the tribes living on the precipitous mountainsides could not be considered ‘pacified’ until the mid-1950s. These mountain tribes are numerous, usually small in numbers, but unbelievably fierce and aggressively individualistic. Collectively, like their mountain domain, they are also known as the Goilala. Once cannibals, they remain proudly vengeful and decidedly bloodthirsty.
Savage Paradise was written by a Kiap, a Patrol Officer who was there, and saw and experienced at first-hand the people and the places.

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