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Special Duties - Expanded Second Edition
Special Duties - Expanded Second Edition

Special Duties - Expanded Second Edition$39.60 AUD

by Hector Nichols

A fascinating true story of 624 Squadron which flew top secret missions into Europe to drop supplies and operatives to help fight German occupation behind the lines. Special Duties is a special story about unsung heroes of the Second World War.

Since Special Duties was published in 1996, some amazing information has come to hand, some of this is now included in this book. For instance, 624 Squadron Commander Stanbury, who remained in the RAF, became a Group Captain and flew in a Canberra over the North Pole to discover what would happen to the compasses etc., but never told his wife and daughter what he had done during the war.

However, almost on his death bed he told his granddaughters, who told their mum, which sparked her a thirst for knowledge in 1996. I hope these extra inclusions I have added to the book sparks your interest in this S O E squadron. There is also a fascinating web site webmastered by Colin Balaam, well worth a look (if the link doesn't work, copy and paste the address into your browser).

184 pages, 153 mm x 235 mm, hard cover, section sewn, ISBN 978 1921452 1 85.