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Terra non Firma Earth
Terra non Firma Earth

Terra non Firma Earth$40.00 AUD

Terra non Firma Earth
by Dr James Maxlow

In Brief :

164 pages, 210 mm x 297 mm. Soft cover, Perfect Bound 
Published by Terrella Press but also available through CopyRight Publishing. In the late 1950s, Plate Tectonics was an amusing theory mentioned in passing in University geological courses. But in the intervening years, this theory rose to predominance and is now used to explain earthquakes and tsunamis. The theory didn't explain the ocean side of the equation. A new and plausible argument, that the Earth is expanding, was promoted by the late Prof S. Warren Carey, and has been more rigorously explained by Dr James Maxlow in his new book, Terra non Firma Earth - Plate Tectonics is a Myth.

ISBN 0-646-44917-6


In this book modern geological, geophysical, and geographical evidence is used to recreate the entire 4,600 million years of our Earth's geological history. The evidence is then used to challenge the misconception that Plate Tectonics is the key to understanding our Earth sciences. In contrast to a random Plate Tectonics process, the formation and break-up of each of the continents, as well as a sympathetic opening of all of the oceans is instead shown to be simple, progressive and evolutionary. All ancient magnetic poles are precisely located on reconstructions of the ancient Earth, and all established poles and equators are shown to coincide with observed climate zones and biotic evidence. Similarly, faunal and floral species evolution is shown to be intimately related to this progressive continental break-up and oceanic crustal development. Global extinction events coincide with wholesale climate and sea-level changes, and the distribution of metallic ores and petroleum occurrences are readily comprehended.

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