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Uncovering Forgotten Cities
Uncovering Forgotten Cities

Uncovering Forgotten Cities$38.50 AUD

by Abdon Dantas

This is an important book about the huge refugee cities developing across the world. The flood of refugees cannot be stopped but must be accommodated during this tumultuous period. Essential reading for all governments, both politicians and policy advisers, and for the general public to become aware of the scale of the developing situation in the interest of wise decision making to handle this vital issue.

Two worlds not so far apart Only 2000 kms separate Dubai, UAE and Zaatari. Despite the proximity, the realities of these two places could not be more distant. While in Dubai engineers and architects were able to construct a building almost one kilometre high, in Zaatari people are still living in plastic tents. The world is in turmoil with waves of refugees fleeing areas of political unrest and climatic impacts on food production.

Nightly on television, reports of these human migrations are brought to the living rooms of people who still live in comfort. But how do the refugees live from day-to-day? What can be done to alleviate their distress while long-term solutions are found to the problems which drove their decision to move from their homelands?

To solve a problem, it first must be understood. 'Uncovering Forgotten Cities' is a unique and powerful book which will help decision makers across the world to make better decisions for a better living environment and more harmonious and peaceful lifestyle for millions.

128 pages, 153 mm x 235 mm, gatefold soft cover, section sewn. Full colour.


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