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When the Tulips Bled
When the Tulips Bled

When the Tulips Bled$33.00 AUD

This historic novel is told by a geologist with a unique forensic talent for exploring the past, and an even more unique flair for placing the reader in the centre of the action. The Author married into a Dutch family and listened intently to their stories, enabling him to paint this vivid picture of the war-torn Holland from which they fled.

The story is woven around first-hand accounts of the tragedy which enveloped the peaceful country of Holland when it was over-run by the armies of Hitler. This gripping narrative is dedicated to all who suffered there during WW II. When the Tulips Bled is now in its second edition which includes maps. It is the first of a series of novels scratching beneath the surface of our immigrant past, to thread together what it is to be Australian.

The second book in the series is Brother Rats and the third, A Rain of Ruin was released in 2012.

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