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Where the Spirit Leads
Where the Spirit Leads

Where the Spirit Leads$33.00 AUD

I first met Harry Biondi in 1941. He was a smalll boy then, I a staff member on Croker Island, a Mission and Home for 95 children.
The bombing of Darwin caused us to change our evacuation plans. Now we must travel the 3,000 miles to Sydney, through the centre of Australia. Our journey is now part of history. Harry's memory of this six weeks trip, and of his family’s life and experiences make very interesting and challenging reading.
I recommend this book to you.
Margaret Somerville MBE

It seems all the big histories have been told and they're the ones that shape a nation ... But it is the little ones that make us who we are and what we are - and shape our unique Australian identity.
Harry Biondi's meticulously researched family saga will find its rightful place in the National Archives ... and without doubt the bookcases of many.
Rhylle Winn
Best selling Author